1. Can Stanfort Academy apply Student Pass for international students?

Yes. Stanfort Academy is registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) and EduTrust Certified PEI (Private Education Institution), and so we can apply Student Pass for international students intending to take up the courses of our school.

2. How do I apply to study at Stanfort Academy?

Locate an official Stanfort Academy Student Recruitment Agent in your home country (check in the school’s official website to search for your country’s official agent or inquire with us directly and find out more information on the course and the required documents for an application.

School Contact Number +65-6565 9786, +65-65605559

School email: info@stanfort.edu.sg

3. Do I need to apply for Student's Pass?
All international Stanfort Academy students must apply for a Student Pass unless you have a valid stay in Singapore eg. Dependent’s Pass (with letter of consent issued by the Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or an Immigration Exemption Order.
4. How do I apply for a Student Pass?

The Customer Service Staff of Stanfort Academy will assist all international students, who have been accepted by the Stanfort Academy. The pass, which is valid for the entire duration of the course of study, will be processed and approved by ICA. Application for Student Pass is done online at the ICA website. The responsible staff will be liaising with all accepted international applicants on Student Pass application matters. Please ensure that you have stated a valid email address in your application. You may visit the ICA website for more details. For further queries concerning your Student Pass application, please contact:

Administrative Staff of the International Students Department:

Tel: (65) 6565 9786 Email: info@stanfort.edu.sg

5. Do I have to come down to Singapore personally to apply?
No, it is not necessary. We can settle all applications via our Stanfort Academy Student Recruitment Agent or email to school via info@stanfort.edu.sg
6. Is it compulsory that I must apply via a student recruitment representative ('Agent') in my home country?
It is not compulsory, but if you want to do so as our appointed Agents will provide the service. However, you have to know the information about Stanfort Academy, course detail information, course fee structure, student pass application process, etc. Thus, You are advised to contact directly to the school to know more about the application process.
7. I am a foreign student. How do I know if I need a visa to visit Singapore?

For students who require visas to enter Singapore, the Student’s Pass In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter will include a Single-Journey Entry Visa for your stay in Singapore till you have completed all formalities upon your arrival in Singapore. We will send the IPA letter via email once you have signed the Student Contract, settle all payment to Stanfort Academy, and approve your Student Pass application. You can use the letter as a Visa to enter Singapore. You are not required to apply for a separate visa.

If you wish to visit Singapore for personal reasons, please refer to the ICA website for a list of countries where nationals require visas to enter Singapore.

8. Do I need Financial Proof of funds for my Student Pass processing? How much must I prove if so?
Not for all countries. For the complete list, check out Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore’s website: www.ica.gov.sg

There is no indicated fixed amount, but if you can prove a sum of money that is enough to cover for the course fees for the whole period of course and living expenses in Singapore is better.

9. How long does it take for my online application to be processed?
We have experienced a processing time of as fast as 2 weeks to more than 6 weeks. Some applications may take a longer time to process. It is subject to ICA. Hence we will advise any potential students to submit applications at least 1.5 months before the course commencement date. Formal admission into the School’s course of study is dependent on the approval of Student Pass Application for all international student applicants. International students on Student Pass must observe the rules and regulations set by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Any breach of the rules may result in the rejection of Student Pass Application or Cancellation of Student Pass. The School does not guarantee the approval or renewal of Student Pass applications. Such applications are subject to approval by ICA.
10. What documents does a student need for student pass application?

You must submit the following documents to us together with the completed Application Form for the International students:

  • A valid travel document;
  • A photograph image in JPEG format;
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Applicant’s educational certificates, transcripts in Notarial if the certificates are not in English);
  • Financial Background/ Bank Statement (can be under the applicant’s name or the parents’)
11. How can I know the outcome of my application?
The school will inform you or your agent for the outcome, whether approved or rejected.
12. I heard that I need to go for a Medical Checkup in Singapore. How will this be done?
We will bring you down personally to the clinic to perform the required Medical Checkup. After that, we will make an e-appointment with ICA and provide you the required documents to collect your Student Pass Card at ICA.
13. If my application for a Student Pass is approved, how do I collect my Student Pass?
You should obtain a copy of the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter and other require documents from our school as we can print the IPA letter online via SOLAR+. Thereafter, you can proceed to collect your Student Pass in person at the Visitor Services Centre, ICA, with the required documents as stated in the IPA letter. Your Student Pass will be issued if the conditions (if any) as stipulated in the IPA letter are fulfilled. Please note that the Student Pass will be issued no earlier than one month from the course commencement date. We will use e-Appointment facility to choose a preferred date and time to visit ICA.
14. Can I remain in Singapore after my Student's Pass has expired as my flight is only confirmed after the expiry date?
If you wish to stay in Singapore after your Student Pass expires, or if an application of extension is made after the expiry of your Student Pass, you may apply for a Social Visit Pass through the Visitor Services Centre, ICA (4th storey). Please bring your confirmed air ticket for your departure. If your Social Visit Pass has expired, you are deemed to be unlawfully residing in Singapore and will be liable for fine.

Overstaying is a punishable offence in Singapore. If you want to stay beyond the period of stay granted, you can apply for an extension online using the e-Service or go to the Visitor Services Centre on Level 4 of the ICA Building before your Visit Pass expires. Applications for an extension of stay are subject to approval.

15. What should I do if I terminate my studies early?
On early termination of your studies (e.g. withdrawal) at the School, you must do the formalities with the School and once your Student Pass has been cancelled at ICA by Stanfort Academy, you must bring your Student Pass to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) within 7 days of cessation of the studies for cancellation.



16. What is the Private Education Act?
The Private Education Act of October 2009 is designed to improve the education framework of the private education industry. The Committee for Private Education (CPE) was set up to oversee the new regulatory framework and promote best practices among private education institutions (PEIs).
17. What is EduTrust Certification Scheme?
The EduTrust certification scheme was formed to regulate, develop and raise quality standards in the private education sector. Please visit CPE’s website for more details and information. https://www.ssg.gov.sg
18. Are the courses/ programmes conducted by Stanfort Academy registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE)?
Yes. All courses conducted by Stanfort Academy, which are longer than 50 hours, are registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) of Singapore.
19. Are the teachers at Stanfort Academy highly qualified?
All our teachers have years of experience in tutoring and classroom teaching and are registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE). Stanfort Academy ensures that teachers deployed have not been convicted of any offence involving sexual, child, physical or drug abuse, or fraud or dishonesty. Stanfort Academy also ensures that all teachers must not have been convicted of any offence under the Private Education Act within a period of five years preceding the deployment.
20. How are fees collected at Stanfort Academy?
Our fee collection is as per Committee for Private Education stipulations. You will be communicated the School’s payment mode at the start of the course. Please contact us at +65-6565 9786/ +65-6560 5559 for further information on fee collection.
21. Can the fees be paid in installments?
The fees must be paid in full before course commencement. In the case when the course lasts for more than one year, total fees can be paid in installments.
22. What does the entry test for admission to Stanfort Academy require?
Students need to sit for the English test to ensure that they have the required proficiency level to cope with the lectures conducted, where the medium of instruction is English.
23. Will my personal information be used for marketing purposes?
No. We are committed to keeping your personal information confidential and will not divulge any of it to a third party without your written consent.
24. How do I communicate with Stanfort Academy if I have queries or feedback on school matters?

You can approach any administrative staff of Stanfort Academy during office hours (Weekdays: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM, or complete our Student Feedback Form which is available at our reception desk. Alternatively, you can reach us via the following channels:

Tel – (65) 6565 9786/ 6560 5559
Email – info@stanfort.edu.sg

Postal address: 1 Kay Siang Road, Level 11 Singapore 248922

25. What is the Stanfort Academy-student Contract?

The Stanfort Academy Student Contract clearly states the fees and policies related to the SA’s courses. A copy of a PEI Student Contract is available at CPE’s website and Stanfort Academy website. Students will sign and keep a copy upon enrolment into the course.

26. What is Stanfort Academy's refund/ withdrawal policy?

% of aggregate amount of Course fees and additional fees paid when student’s written notice of withdrawal is received

50% More than 21 days before the commencement date
20% Before, but not more than 21 days before the commencement date
0% After the commencement date

Cooling-Off Period
There is a 7 (working) day cooling off period after the signing of the student contract where the student can withdraw with maximum refund. After this period the refund/withdrawal policy applies.

Refunds will (if any) will be processed within 7 working days from receipt of the Refund Application with complete supporting documents

27. What is Stanfort Academy's transfer policy?

Students who wish to transfer to another program will have to submit a written request to do so and upon approval the student will be deemed to have withdrawn from the course registered and the original signed student contract (if applicable) will be terminated. Student will then have to reapply for the new course.

28. What is Fee Protection Scheme?
The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) serves to protect students’ fees in the event that private education institution is unable to continue operating due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure.

The FPS is mandatory for all for all local and international students enrolled at PEIs undertaking Certificate/ Diploma and above courses over 50 hours in duration.

Stanfort Academy has selected for the FPS Insurance for students course fees, by means of which the school purchases the insurance with 7 working days upon collection of course fees from student. For more information, please visit CPE’s website

29. Will I have any Medical Insurance?
All our international students (except for those non-student-pass holders) are required to have a Medical Insurance arranged by Stanfort Academy.
30. Is there a minimum attendance requirement?
Yes. You need to fulfill 90% attendance as a full-time student and 75% attendance as a part-time student. For international students, 90% attendance is compulsory to meet ICA requirements. If the student wish to take leaves, he/she must apply leaves and it is subject to approval by the Management. All documentary proof must be submitted to Administrative staff of Stanfort Academy with a leave of absence form (subject to the management’s approval).
31. How do I withdraw from Stanfort Academy?
You can contact the administrative staff of the respective department for assistance and do the formalities. You can also check the School withdrawal procedure in the Student Handbook and the School’s website.
32. Must I inform Stanfort Academy if I am sick? Or must I inform Stanfort Academy if I am not able to come for the lessons?
Yes, you are supposed to call the School and inform that you will not turn up for the lesson and need to submit a medical certificate to the administrative staff of the respective department the next school day if you apply for the sick leave. International students must meet minimum attendance of 90% for their Student Pass to be renewed.

Local students need to attend at least 75% of their classes to graduate or to issue the certificate.



33. How do I get to Stanfort Academy and where is school located?

Stanfort Academy is located near Redhill MRT Station (only a 10-minute walking distance) and easily accessible by public buses – The bus stop is near Stanfort Academy premises, and buses are taken: 111, 32, 132,122

Our address is:
1 Kay Siang Road, Level 11 Singapore 248922
Tel: +65-6565 9786/ +65-6560 5559
Email: info@jegroup.edu.sg

34. Who can I approach if I wish to find out more about studies at Stanfort Academy?

For information on Stanfort Academy studies, you can contact our Customer Service Manager at +65-6565 9786/ +65-6560 5559 or email to info@stanfort.edu.sg. Our friendly and helpful Customer Service Manager/ Course Consultants will be able to advise you on the academic pathway you may wish to pursue.  

35. How do I know if my application for the course has been accepted?

(For the international students) Upon receipt of all complete required documents, the Application Fee and the approval by the management, the School will send you or your parents/ guardian (if you are below 18 years of age) a Letter of Acceptance directly or through your agent by email, informing you that your application has been received and processed.

(For local students) Upon receipt of the signed Enrolment Form, which means that the student reads, agree on the terms and conditions on the back page of the Enrolment Form, the Customer Service Staff/ Administrative Staff of the respective department will seek approval from the management and communicate the application status to the applicant immediately.

36. How can I make my course fee payment?

All fees are payable by cash, cheque, NETS, Credit Card, or telegraphic transfer. Cheques must be crossed and made payable to “Stanfort Academy Pte Ltd”.

37. Is there any orientation for new students?

Yes, there is an orientation programme planned for new students at the start of each course. Stanfort Academy has been using PowerPoint Presentation for the Student Orientation in the first week or second week of the class. During orientation, you will be briefed about the School’s vision, mission, culture, and core values, and essential information such as the School’s policies and procedures, student support services, academic assessments, dispute resolution policy and procedures, code of conduct, etc.

38. What course materials should I purchase, and when?
Do not rush into buying textbooks. You will be given course materials once we collect the material fees.
39. Will there be any make-up lesson if they fall on public holidays?
There will be no lessons on Public Holidays; however, the School will arrange to carry the lessons to an earlier or later date (if necessary).
40. Can I switch from a full-time programme to a part-time and vice-versa in the middle of the school term?
International students can only enrol in full-time programmes and transfer only to the full-time program. Your request will be considered for local students on a case-by-case basis subject to the management approval, availability of classes and resources
41. Can I request for deferment of my programme? Would the school be able to reserve the place for me?
Such arrangements will only be considered on a case-by-case basis and it is subject to the management approval. Deferment is applicable to the local students. International students are not allowed to defer upon collecting the Student Pass from the ICA.
42. Is there an age limit for admission?
You are advised to check the entry requirements of the course you want to register and to ensure that you meet them.
43. How are living expenses in Singapore?
For a student staying in a typical twin-sharing room, paying for their meals, and traveling by bus or MRT, you can expect to spend around S$1000 per month.
44. Will there be someone to pick me up from the airport when I arrive in Singapore?
We provide Airport Pickup if you request as this is one of the Foreign Student Services provided by Stanfort Academy to the student with charges.
45. Should I inform the school if I change my address?
Yes, you have to inform to school if you do move. You will have to fill up the Change of Address Form and submit your Passport and Student Pass for updating purposes.
46. As an international student, can I work part-time?

International student holding a Student Pass is NOT allowed to work in Singapore regardless of any circumstances unless with a Work Pass Exemption from the MOM (Ministry of Manpower). For more information, please visit Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website.

47. How do I travel around in Singapore?

Singapore has good and efficient public transportation. You can easily travel via the public buses, MRTs (the trains) or taxis. Students can get to Stanfort Academy which is conveniently located near the Redhill MRT Station, which is only 10-minute walking distance. Regarding the Public Bus Services, Bus stop is near Stanfort Academy premises. (Buses be taken: 111, 32, 132, 122)

For more information on the transportation log on to www.sbstransit.com.sg and www.smrt.com.sg

48. What is the class size?

Class size varies from course to course. For details of student teacher ratio you can check the respective course that you are interested in.

49. What are the modes of payment?

You may pay by cash, cheque, Credit Card  or telegraphic transfer (TT) from overseas.