Application, Registration And Student Admission Procedure

International Students on Student Pass
Formal admission into the College’s course of study is dependent on the approval of Student Pass Application for all international student applicants. International students on Student Pass must observe the rules and regulations set by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Any breach of the rules may result in the rejection of Student Pass Application or Cancellation of Student Passes.

The College does not guarantee the approval or renewal of Student Pass applications. Such applications are subject to approval by ICA.

Students are not allowed to leave Singapore without prior notification to the College.
All foreign students must fulfil the minimum of 90% attendance throughout their study term with Stanfort Academy Pte Ltd. Documentary proof must be produced should there be a shortfall of attendance during every renewal of Student Pass Application.

Student Pass Renewal (For only international students)
The College does not guarantee the approval for the renewal of Student Pass application. Such applications are subject to approval by ICA. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that his/ her Student Pass is renewed in time. The College will not be held responsible if the Student Pass expires or is being rejected by ICA due to lateness in renewing. Not later than three weeks before the expiry of current Student Pass, students need to approach the administration staff to apply for renewal. Students are required to complete all necessary forms from the College and ICA and submit them to the administration staff. The College applies to ICA for submission of renewal of Student Pass.

N.B. The College will only process and submit application for renewal of Student Passes for students only if they meet the 90% attendance as required by ICA and are current in their payment of fees.

Student Pass Not Transferable
The Student’s Pass issued is not transferable and will expire upon the student ceasing to be a student of Stanfort Academy. The College is under an obligation to inform the ICA of the student’s withdrawal from, or completion of his/her course of study at Stanfort Academy. The student needs to deliver the Student Pass to the College, within 7 days of the student ceasing to be a student of Stanfort Academy, for cancellation of the Student Pass.

Procedures for Course admission for International Students requiring Student Pass

Procedures for Course admission for Students without Student Pass