Transfer, Withdrawal, Deferment Policy

Terms and Condition for Course Transfer
A Student who has decided to transfer from the existing Course to another course within Stanfort Academy shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the current Course as otherwise agreed between Stanfort Academy and the student.
A student who wishes to transfer from one course to another within Stanfort Academy must complete the Transfer Form, which is obtainable from the Administrative staff.

For students who are below 18 years of age, Stanfort Academy will seek parental/guardian approval prior to processing the request for transfer.

An administrative fee (Local/ Non-STP student: $50.00 and STP student: $100.00) (Subject to change) is payable per request for transfer.

Internal Processing of Course Transfer Request
The request will be considered by the management. The application will only be considered if the student meets all the pre-requisites of the new course. The decision of the management is final.
Approval for course transfer will be granted on a case-by-case basis subject to the student meeting the admissions requirements of the new course. Once the request for transfer is approved, the existing Student Contract shall be terminated and the Fee Protection Insurance of the existing course will be terminated with the insurance provider. For the international student, the school will have to submit a new application for a Student’s Pass, on the understanding that the new application is subject to ICA approval.

In the event that the student’s application is approved by the management, he/she will be deemed to have withdrawn due to other reasons from the previous course. Balance of student’s money can be transferred to new course.

For international students transferring to another course within Stanfort Academy, the Student’s Pass application for the new course will be submitted to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for approval. A processing fee is payable to ICA for the transfer of Student’s Pass to the new programme. The transfer will only take effect after ICA approves the transfer of the Student Pass. The school will not be held liable for the transfer.

Formalities for Transfer
Once the request for transfer is approved by ICA, new Student Contract is needed to be signed. Subject to Stanfort Academy’s Refund Policy, any remaining fees from the existing course will be transferred to the new course and the student will have to top up the difference in fees (if any) and a new Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) will be purchased for the new course.

Timeframe for processing transfer request: within 7 working days
The school will acknowledge receipt of transfer application within 3 working days and notify student of the decision within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the signed and duly completed Course Transfer Form.


Withdrawal means the student contract is terminated and the student is no longer a student of Stanfort Academy. The Course Withdrawal Policy covers a student’s request for a course withdrawal from Stanfort Academy, either with Withdrawal due to non-delivery of course or Withdrawal due to other reasons.

Terms and Conditions for Withdrawal
A Student who withdraws from Stanfort Academy to enroll with another Private Education Institution shall be deemed to have withdrawn from Stanfort Academy must do so by completing the Withdrawal Form, obtainable from the Administrative staff.
Student’s request for withdrawal will only be considered if:
(i) a duly signed “Course withdrawal form” is submitted;
(ii) student below the age of 18 must have the consent from their parent/guardian;

For installment payment, in time of withdrawal, the student must settle unpaid installment fees to Stanfort Academy. If student fails to terminate the Contract and/ or to give notice to withdraw from the course, the Contract will continue to be in force. The Course withdrawal request is considered and approved by Management.

Timeframe for Processing Withdrawal
Stanfort Academy will take a maximum of 7 working days to effect the course withdrawal. Student will be informed of the outcome of his/ her request and received the cheque for fees refund (if applicable) within 7 working days.

International student’s Withdrawal Case
Upon the receipt of the request, the school will;
• Inform the Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for cancellation of Student Pass
• Cancel the existing student contract and Fee Protection Scheme

Update of Student Status to FPS provider
The school takes immediate action to update FPS service provider within 3 working days.

COURSE DEFERMENT POLICY (applicable only to Local and Non-STP students)
A deferment refers to a student’s request to delay his/her study of the course and to carry forward his/her paid fees to a later period. Deferment may arise due to factors such as the compassionate ground or for any other valid reason.

Timeframe for processing for Deferment request: 7 working days. The decision of the management is final.

Terms and Conditions for Deferment
A student who wishes to defer his/her study to a later date/ intake must complete the Deferment Form and submit it to the management. The form is obtainable from the Administrative staff.
The approval of the deferment request is subject to the availability of the next intake.
The following conditions apply to any request for deferment of course:
• The student must state his/ her reason for wishing to defer his/ her studies, as well as the period of deferment. All requests for deferment must be supported by official documentary evidence.
• A student is only allowed to defer once per course of study. The period of deferment cannot be subsequently extended. The period of deferral cannot exceed 12 months. If student deferment period exceeds the time limited, student will be deemed to have withdrawn from the course and would have to re-apply as a new applicant if s/he wishes to register on the course again.
• Student must contact the school to resume the course and failure to accept the course offered by the school will result in the automatic withdrawal from the course and only withdrawal policies applies.
• Any course fee that had been paid by the student will be retained by the school, towards the payment of course fees when the student rejoins the course. If the student does not rejoin the course within the stipulated period for any reason, there will be no refund for any course fee paid. The student will be required to pay any difference in the school fees, if there is a revision in school fees during his period of deferment.
• When the student resumes his/ her course of study, he/ she may be required to purchase a new set of materials, if the course materials have changed.
• Student need to pay new FPS fees as the old course FPS is terminated upon request of the deferment.
• The school does not guarantee that the same course will be available when the period of deferment is completed. In the event of the course being unavailable, the student may request a transfer to another course, subject to the approval of the management. If there is no suitable course, the student will be considered to have withdrawn without cause from the course, and be subject to the procedures resulting from a withdrawal without cause.
• For the request of deferment, an administrative charge applies. The approval for deferment is at the sole discretion of Stanfort Academy.

For the avoidance of doubt, if the Student and/or his/her parent/guardian receives any payment from Stanfort Academy or Lonpac Insurance Bhd pursuant to a provision of this Agreement or the Master Insurance Policy in respect of any matter or damage, then the Student and his/her parent/guardian shall not be entitled to claim against Stanfort Academy or Lonpac Insurance Bhd for the same payment in respect of the same matter or damage pursuant to any other provision of this Agreement or the Master Insurance Policy.