Student Portal

Dear Students,

This student portal is for you to check your examination results (Diploma, Advanced Diploma & Foundation Diploma) and provisional results (Bachelor and MBA courses) online. Once activated, you can access student portal throughout your study and it will be deactivated when you are no longer with Stanfort Acadmy.

Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Foundation Diploma students’ results are posted online within 1 month from the date of examination.

MBA and Bachelors results are posted as per the following schedule:


Provisional result release date: March Semester: in September
August Semester: in January
November Semester: in April
Official result release date: 3 Months after the Provisional result release date

Please refer to the Evision system for the official results


Please contact the school at +65-6560 5559 or email if you have any query with the portal or exam results.

Please approach the examination department for a user name and password to access the student portal.

Notes for Appeal Examination

Stanfort Academy has proper appeal handling process, policy and procedure in place and assurance of undertaking an administrative check of the marks, upon receiving the request or appeal from the candidates or appellant for the poor result. The consideration of appeals is dealt with according to principles of procedural fairness which respects the right of a complainant to be heard by an impartial party.

For more information about appeal process, please refer to the link provided here ‘Appeal Policy’