Discipline Matters

Student discipline is an important part of providing the environment which is conducive to learning for all. Discipline policies set out a balanced approach recognizing student achievement and dealing with unacceptable behaviour. They are based on developing student responsibilities, encouraging respect and creating good conditions for effective teaching and learning. They also aim to be the foundation for a safe, happy and conducive place. Every student has the right to a learning environment free from bullying and intimidation and to feel safe and happy at school. They have a right to be treated fairly and with dignity.

  • Students (International Students with STP) with a monthly attendance record below 90% attendance or Singaporean, PR or Non-STP international students below 75%
  • Students who are absent for seven consecutive school days
  • Student (STP) who takes home leave for more than seven (7) consecutive school days without official approval from the College
  • Students who commit offences against the law of Singapore governing bodies and bring the school into dispute
  • International students holding Student Pass seek employment in Singapore. (Student Pass holders who are caught working in Singapore will be reported to ICA and their Student Pass will be cancelled; Student’s Pass holders are not allowed to be engaged in any form of employment, business, profession or occupation in Singapore whether paid or unpaid.)
  • Students who persistently misbehave despite advice and warnings from school.
  • Students who do not follow the school rules on school attire (proper uniform/ appropriate attire (no shorts, no slippers) footwear/no wearing of cap) and personal hygiene (clean shave).
  • Students who perform disruptive actions/words against school teacher/staff/classmates.
  • Students whom attempt scuffles within school compound.
  • Underage students caught smoking within school compound.
  • The student shall not be adopted by any Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident in Singapore.
  • The student shall not indulge in any activities that are inconsistent with the purpose for which the Student’s Pass has been issued.
  • Foreign students are not allowed to enroll in any other institution than the stipulated institution (Stanfort Academy) on the Student’s Pass;
  • The student shall not be involved in any criminal offences in Singapore.
  • The student shall not remain in Singapore after the expiry of the Student’s Pass.

They are as stated by the In Principle Approval letter from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA): Students are required to note the following conditions:

  • He/ She is only permitted to attend the course at the school as stated in this In-Principle Approval letter;
  • He/ She shall attend the class regularly; and
  • He/ She shall surrender the Student’s Pass for cancellation within seven (7) days of the date of cessation or termination of studies.

For local students

  • All students must attend the classes regularly. The minimum requirement of attendance for local is 75%.
  • The certificate of attendance will not be issued to those who do not fulfil the minimum requirement of attendance. Documentary proof must be produced should there be a shortfall of attendance.

For international students

  • The minimum requirement of attendance for the international student is 90%. The College will inform ICA of the foreign/international students failing to attend classes for a continuous period of 7 days or more without any valid reason, or of those whose percentage of attendance is lower than 90% in any month of the course without any valid reason.
  • The student has to produce the recognized Medical Leave Certificate for illness and absentee with no documented evidence will be marked as ‘absent’.
  • Students are not allowed to take home-leave during an on-going semester. Official home-leave will only be granted on compassionate ground. Student must obtain approval from the school before going on home-leave.
  • Students must apply for official home leave before the issue of air-ticket. Students who failed to inform and obtain approval of the school will be construed as ABSENCE without leave. They will be treated as voluntary dropout if they are absent for more than 7 consecutive school days and will be liable for dismissal. Student has right to write an appeal letter to show cause or reasons for a grant of acquittal from dismissal. The final decision rests with the management.
  • The foreign/international students holding the Student Pass are not allowed to leave Singapore without prior approval from the school.
  • The international students holding Student Pass needs to inform the school and submit the leave for going back to native country. If the students fail to do so, the school will consider as ‘Absence’ without permission and seek ICA’s advice regarding the cancellation of STP.
  • Students need to be well-groomed.
  • Students must be respectful to the teachers.
  • Students should not make boisterous behavior that makes other people disturb on and off the premises.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the classroom.
  • Students are not allowed to enter the staff room without permission.
  • An act of vandalism is strictly prohibited and the students have to pay for any willful damage to the school’s equipment/properties and facilities.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises at all times.
  • No littering, spitting or any form of vandalizing act is allowed in classrooms and public;
  • Gambling or playing card game is strictly prohibited. Any student caught gambling or playing cards would face disciplinary action. Repeat gambling offenders may eventually face expulsion from our school.
  • No fighting or acts of disturbance.
  • Listening to audio devices (e.g. MP3 player) or viewing video devices (e.g. multimedia player) is not allowed in class.
  • No unauthorized removal of books from the library.
  • Do not damage the property of the school. Always report any damage of school property to the nearest instructor, lecturer or staff.
  • Do not forge medical certificates or other official documents.
  • The use of hand phones and pagers during lessons and assessments/tests is not allowed. All such equipment must be switched off.
  • Students must maintain good conduct at all times and be well-informed about the following discipline regulations:
    Any student found to be in violation of any rules, regulations or law will be subjected to appropriate disciplinary action by the relevant authorities; in severe cases, a student may be expelled from the course of study or even deported back to their home country.
    Failure to abide by these rules may render students liable for disciplinary action. Any form of vandalism will not be tolerated. Students found guilty of vandalism will be severely dealt with. The school has the right to expel the students under the following circumstances:
  • Intentional damage to the school property; (drawing on tables/walls) (jumping on chairs)
  • Aggressive or rude towards other students , staff and teachers
  • Disruptive behavior during classes


Policy for In-house Courses:

Stanfort Academy students are obligated to conduct themselves in a responsible and sensible manner in line with institution’s requirement through their study period. Academic Misconduct is a breach of the values of Academic Integrity and it can occur through various action from students. Stanfort Management views student misconduct very seriously which can be subjected to disciplinary action. Management takes various intervention measures such as counselling, warning or if necessary, expulsion and cancellation of Student Pass. Please refer to the student handbook to know more about Academic Misconduct.

Policy for External Degree Programmes:

Stanfort Academy and the London Metropolitan University (LMU) are committed to promote and protect academic integrity, educating students about it and taking action when academic misconduct occurs.
It is imperative for university to outline rules of Academic misconduct, define its complete scope, be clear with its stand on academic misconduct such as Plagiarism, Cheating and Academic Dishonesty.

The students of Stanfort Academy who are pursuing their degree programmes (Bachelors and Masters Degree) under London Metropolitan University (LMU) are required to follow the code of practice issued by the university.
Students enrolled for Bachelor and MBA programmes are bound with obligation to follow University’s Guidelines for Academic Misconduct.

Please click the below links to know more about University’s policies on Academic Misconduct.



Any student found to be in violation of any rules, regulations or law will be subjected to appropriate disciplinary action by the relevant authorities; in severe cases, a student may be arrange for a few session of Consultation session with our school Consoler if the discipline department suggest if needed.

Consulting is to create a soft-skill approach towards students to let them understand why he/she is being punished due to the action / words that they had done/said. This is to create a friendlier environment for the students while they are studying in Stanfort Academy.

  • A report/record will be written by the discipline master before he/she conduct the consulting session with the students
  • After each consulting session a consulting report will be filled-up accordingly for next consulting review purpose
  • During the consulting period the students will be observed under the below few points. (behavior/manner/conduct/appearances)
  • If the student still does not have any improvement after the consulting period, he/she will be dealt with according to the school rules if he/she repeats the offence again.

Student is subject to immediate expulsion for serious misconduct and/or any breach of the School’s rules and regulations. The school reserves the rights to expel any student who has not made any payment OR did not attend classes for more than seven (7) consecutive school days without any valid reason OR receiving 3 written warning letters from school for violation of school rules. The students has right to appeal with documented evidence within 7 days from the date stated in expulsion letter.
Foreign students holding the Student Pass must observe the rules and regulations set by ICA. Any breach of the rules my result in the rejection of Student Pass Application or cancellation of Student Pass.

Student phone calls are limited to emergencies. Students must have permission from the administrative staff in the office with supervision by the staff for calls made during school hours.
Students are obliged to bear certain responsibilities, that is, they are required to comply with all the laws, policies and procedures of regulatory bodies as well as Stanfort Academy. All the students are hoped to participate constructively within the school learning environment and act at all times honestly and responsibly in relation to academic matters, exploiting the facilities provided by Stanfort Academy. They are also expected to behave in a manner showing respect to the management, the staff and other students, be sensitive to School’s management, staff and students’ rights and responsibilities. Loyalty, integrity and honesty are qualities expected of all students. All students should be courteous, polite and well-behaved at all times. Orderliness must be observed at all times.

If the student is dismissed, the student needs to surrender the Student Pass for cancellation within 3 working days after the student was notified of the decision for dismissal. If the student fails to do so, Stanfort Academy will lodge a report to ICA. The student will be made to bear all consequences should any matter occur arising.

The school aims to provide a safe and conducive environment for all our students and staff. We expect everyone to observe proper conduct and exercise certain duties and obligations within the premises.
We take a serious view towards the following matters and will not tolerate such ‘Misconduct’ in our school:

  1. Vulgar language
  2. Harassment/ intimidation or discrimination
  3. Fighting or quarreling
  4. Rudeness, defiance or violence towards teachers and staff
  5. Littering and smoking in the classroom and office
  6. Downloading illegal software or visiting pornographic websites
  7. Illegal acts which violate Singapore law
  8. Weapon possession; sale, possession & distribution of any illegal substance, drugs, materials, theft or vandalism

Such misconduct may result in immediate termination and possible prosecution. Student will be immediately expelled from the school.