Feedback and Complain


1. Student feedbacks
In order to better serve the community, the management and the team looks for opportunities to improve the programs and service quality of Stanfort Academy. They have put in place an open communication system to collect the feedback from the students. The management and the administrator of each course are always available to discuss issues relating to the inconveniences, the service and the course. The students can make their views known to the management. All the feedback from the student is taken as positive step towards improving the quality of the service and maintaining and enhancing the quality of course delivery. The School values the students’ feedback and will make every effort to look into their suggestions and complaints. Their input will be carefully considered and changes will be implemented to enhance the school’s service level to meet the customers’ expectations. You can submit your feedback to us via Email.  
2. Have your say

The School is committed to giving the students the opportunity to let the School know how things work and where they need improvement. The School runs a regular Student Evaluation which they are asked to complete; their responses inform future planning needs.


1. Resolution of Complaints

The School assures the quality customer service and the quality training. Any student who has grievance or complaint can lodge the matter to our administration office for proper attention. An immediate acknowledgement will be processed.
Students are advised to immediately contact the management and respective administrator who will listen, assist in making decisions, and help to facilitate a prudent and responsible course of action within 21 days. The management and administrative staff are available in such cases.