Student Leave Application

Student Leave Application

Application for Leave of Absence will only be accepted via Online application. We appreciate your cooperation and support as we embrace these positive changes for a greener future. Along with the form submission, please ensure to upload any necessary supporting documents such as Medical Certificates directly through the online platform. Our administrative team will promptly process your request and update your medical leave record accordingly.


Important Pointers:

  • Students must submit leave application form 5 working days prior to the leave date except Medical Leave. School management will carefully evaluate each request and communicate the outcome via email.
  • Student must submit Medical Leave application form within 3 working days from date of absence with valid medical certificate.
  • Please take note that you have to bear the consequence of not meeting the physical attendance requirement for the Examination/ Assessment which is (75%) per module. Medical Leave/Approved Leave are not taken into account while calculating the eligibility of the physical attendance requirement for Examination/ Assessment. Approved Leave and Medical Leaves only helps student to meet ICA’s monthly attendance requirement if they are holding a valid student pass.
  • You are advised to strictly follow the ICA’s attendance requirement (90%) per month and the school has the responsibility to report to the ICA, if your attendance fall below 90%.
  • Please refer to Student Handbook for more information about the attendance requirements.
  • You are obliged to provide valid email address (registered email address with school) and all the required details for successful completion of the form submission.

Should you have any questions or need assistance with the new online application process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our administrative team.


Rules and Regulations:

Please read the following rules and regulations before you submit your online leave application form.

Language Requirement: The leave form must be filled out entirely in English. Forms submitted in any other language will not be accepted.

 Accuracy of Information: Each column in the form must be carefully checked and accurately filled. Any mismatched details will lead to the rejection of your medical leave request, resulting in absenteeism that will negatively impact your monthly and module attendance records.

 Supporting Documents:

  • The school does not accept pictures of wounds, prescriptions, or any documents with names written in languages other than English.
  • All applications must include proper names and ID numbers. Applications missing these details will be considered incomplete and thus, rejected.

If you are applying for medical leave due to injury or sickness, you must obtain a Medical Certificate. This certificate should contain your correct name, FIN number, or Passport number, and all details must be in English.

Please note that no follow-up email will be sent regarding this matter, as all necessary information has been provided in this communication. It is your responsibility to comply with these instructions to ensure your leave request is processed without issues.