Attendance Requirements And Award Criteria

1. Attendance
Students must attend all scheduled classes with the attendance taken. Students are not allowed to sign the attendance on behalf of their classmate(s). Students will be marked as absent if they do not have a medical Certificate (MC) or do not have the permission from the College to miss the lesson. Students are to ensure that they sign for their daily attendance during or after the class. Student is not allowed to request others to sign attendance on his or her behalf. Students are expected to attend school at all times unless excused by their parents or guardians. Students or parents are expected to contact the office if a Student has reason to be absent from school. Subject to Management approval.

A. International students (students holding Student Pass)
 The minimum attendance requirement for international students is 90%.
 The Student will be reported to ICA in the event that the attendance is lower than 90%.
 All the students have to apply leave to be absent from class. The leave must be supported by relevant document.
 For sick leave, the leave has to be supported with recognized medical leave certificate or letter from parents/guardian (subject to approval).
 The College is obliged to report to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) on any foreign student:
i. Who fails to attend classes for a continuous period of 7 days or more without a valid reason;
ii. Whose percentage of attendance in any month of the course is lower than 90% for no valid reason;
 The students will be issued warning letter due to low attendance as per following:
(i) The first warning which is a verbal warning will be given to those whose attendance are lesser than 90% for no valid reason for the first time.
(ii) The second warning which is a written warning will be given to those whose attendance are lesser than 90% for no valid reason for the second time.
(iii) The third warning which is a written warning will be given to those whose attendance are lesser than 90% for no valid reason for the third time.
(iv) The fourth warning which is a written warning will be given to those whose attendance are lesser than 90% for no valid reason for the fourth time.
(v) After issuing the 3 written warning letters, an expulsion letter will be issued to the student. The School will inform the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for expulstion and proceed with the cancellation of student pass.

B. Local students (students not holding Student Pass)
 The minimum attendance requirement for local students is at least 75%.
 A certificate of attendance or completion certificate will not be issued to those who do not complete the minimum requirements of the attendance.

2. Award Criteria for External Examinations


GRADE A1 A2 B3 B4 C5 C6 D7 E8 F9
MARKS >75 70-74 65-69 60-64 55-59 50-54 45-49 40-44 <40

B. GCE A and AO Level Grading System

MARKS 70% & Above 60% – 69% 55% – 59% 50% – 54% 45% – 49% 40% – 44% Below 39%


GRADE 1 2 3 4 5 U
MARKS 75% and above 70% – 74% 65% – 69% 60% – 64% 55% – 59% Below 50%


MARKS 75% and above 70% – 74% 60% – 69% 50% – 59% Below 50%


The nine bands are described as follows:

9.0 39 – 40
8.5 37 – 38
8.0 35 – 36
7.5 32 – 34
7.0 30 – 31
6.5 26 – 29
6.0 23 – 25
5.5 18 – 22
5.0 16 – 17
4.5 13 – 15
4.0 10 – 12
3.5 8 – 9
3.0 6 – 7
2.5 4 – 5

5. Award Criteria for courses internally developed

At the end of the course, students will have to sit for the completion test. They can check with the administrative staff for assessment details.

i. Language courses / Preparatory course for Admission to Government Schools

– Minimum 75% attendance


– Pass – 50 and above

– Pass with credit – 65 and above

– Pass with distinction – 75 and above

ii. Special Courses (No formal tests)

– Minimum 75% attendance

iii. IT Courses (No formal test except for Speed Typing course)

– Minimum 75% attendance

iv. Certificate/ Diploma/Advanced Diploma/ Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management

v. Diploma/ Advanced Diploma in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management

vi. Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Business Studies

vii. Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

viii. Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management*

– High Distinction (HD) – 80 Marks and Above
– Distinction (D) – 70 to 79
– Credit (C) – 60 to 69
– Pass (P) – 50 to 59
– Fail (F) – 49 Marks and below

To be able to obtain the award certificate, students are required to have minimum 75% of attendance and pass grade in all Module Examination.

*Successful completion of the Industrial Attachment/Project Work and secure minimum 50% points

6. Registering for Exam

It is the student’s responsibility to register for the External Exam in time. The College is not held responsible if the student registers late for exam and is not allowed to take the exam. Date and time for examination registration and exam are announced on the Examination Notice Board. However, Stanfort Academy can assist students with the external examination registration.

EXAMS EXPECTED MONTHS Expected registration opening time (subject to change by the external exam bodies)
AEIS AEIS – September/October
Normal (N/T & N/A) Level Listening – August / September
Oral – July / August
Written – September / October
O Level Mid-tem Mother Tongue – May
Listening & Oral English & Chinese – July
Practical – October
Written Papers – October / November
A Level Listening – July & November
Oral – July / September / October
Practical – October / November
Written – November / December
IELTS Every month


7. Release of Exam results (External Exam bodies)

EXAMS Expected / estimated exam result release time (subject to change by the external exam bodies)
AEIS AEIS: December
S-AEIS: April / May
Normal (N/T & N/A) Level N Level: December of the examination year
O Level O Level: January of the following year
A Level A Level: March of the following year

8. Release of Internal Exam results

– all internal exam results will be released within 1 month after the Exam

9. Assessment and Award Regulations

For the internal exams, Assessment Results/ Award of Certificate will be available to the students within 1 months of the last assessment date of the examinations. For Bachelor and MBA courses, please refer to the respective courses in school website.