Master of Business Administration



12 months (Full-time/ Part- time)

Award by:

London Metropolitan University, UK


(Awarded by London Metropolitan University, UK)
This programme designs to provide students from diverse disciplines and backgrounds an opportunity to develop their potential as leaders or managers. The programme will extend your knowledge on postgraduate management collaboratively and specialize in innovation, leadership management and development. It is crucial to influential leaders and managers involve in developing the self- awareness and the innovative capabilities for creating successful and sustainable organisations.

Programme aims:

  • Develop awareness of the significance of responsible and ethical business management and leadership in contemporary society
  • Develop an understanding of key business functions of organisations and the external environment in which business operates;
  • Apply and evaluate forms of business analysis in a variety of contexts;
  • Identify and assess strategic challenges faced by modern organisations and articulate ways in which these challenges can be met;
  • Develop subject-specific knowledge and skills in management and leadership
  • Develop a range of cognitive and transferable professional, management and leadership skills, that emphasise social responsibility and which include intellectual, inter-personal, and applied decision-making skills;
  • Undertake personal, academic and professional development and develop the capacity for life-long learning and career-building
  • Demonstrate the ability to operate respectfully and successfully with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds

MBA comprised of seven taught modules and the Business Research Project accumulating to 180 credits.


  1. Management Learning and Research (20 credits)
    This module is a core module and plays a significant role in developing its students as responsible and evidence informed management practitioners. This module challenges the criticism often levied at business research and the teaching of research methods by adopting a learning-centred, reflective, and integrated approach. Assessment mode: research studies, presentation and research proposal
  2. Accounting and Finance for Managers (20 credits)
    This module enables students to identify and evaluate the techniques used in both internal and external financial reporting. It will help them interpret accounting statements and reports, which is used for decision making in both the short and long terms. Assessment mode: case study and report
  3. Leadership and Strategic Management (20 credits)
    This module supports the development of the learner through their engagement with Leadership and Strategic Management theory and further develops their on-going leadership skills through the application of theory to practice. Assessment mode: presentation and report
  4. People and Organisations: principles and practices in global contexts (20 credits)
    The module explores the ever changing and fast paced contextual environment within which the contemporary organisation must function; in particular it examines contextual issues around globalisation, diversity and cross cultural management; and discusses how organisational human resource management practices can respond effectively. Assessment mode: blog and essay
  5. Marketing, Marketing Communications and Operations (20 credits)
    This module covers the major dimensions of marketing management, including marketing research, marketing strategy, marketing communications and operational management, and how they interrelate. This will culminate in bringing all the marketing dimensions together with a view to implementing them.
    Assessment mode: presentation and report
  6. Innovation management (20 credits)
    This module is chosen for pupils to covers the multi-disciplinary field of innovation in its many contexts: primarily, the increase in innovation in theory and practice in recent years, and how organisations and institutions, whether start-ups, SMEs, or global corporations, or whether commercial or public, can exploit and manage innovation;  and secondarily, innovation in the context of its history, its adoption as governmental / institutional policy, its links with network and globalisation theory and practice, its expression as organisational and entrepreneurial  intent, and its links with creativity, leadership, technology, new product development (NPD), and the flourishing digital economy. Assessment mode: presentation and report
  7. Developing Effectiveness in Leadership and Management (20 credits)
    This module has an experiential learning focus and is devised to enable students to develop their identities as influential managers and leaders. It is based on the principles that personal growth and sustained development of leadership and management potential are relational activities, essentially supported by on-going personal knowledge and understanding.
    Assessment mode: portfolio
  8. Business Research Project (40 credits)
    This module builds on the module Management Learning and Research, where students will have identified a suitable topic for research and produced a research proposal.
    Assessment mode: research report and research summary


Duration Full-time: 12 months
Part-time: 12 months
Mode of delivery Blended learning
Awarding Body London Metropolitan University, UK

Entry requirements

Minimum Age 20 Years 30 Years (Mature Candidates)
Academic qualification Bachelor’s degree in any subject discipline
Post-graduate Diploma in any subject discipline
All documents will be assessed case by case basis
Work experience 2 years* 8 years of working experience including a min of 3 years in managerial level
Language proficiency requirement Any of the following:
a. GCE O level: minimum C6
b. IELTS score 6.0 with no element below 5.5
c. Pearson Test of English Academy with a minimum score for each element of 51 and 56 overall.
d. Cambridge Certification in Advanced English (CAE) with Grade C or above.
e. Completed Stanfort Academy Certificate in English for Foreign Students (Advanced Level)
f. Obtained at least 80% for Stanfort Academy English Proficiency Test.

*2 years of working experience and/or full-time internship in any field. Students who do not meet the requirement are required to complete 6 months of project work.

All applicants are required to submit a detailed personal statement, including why you are applying and any relevant skills, experience or achievements that make you suitable for the course.

You should also submit a full CV comprising:

  • Work experience – list your most recent position first, continuing in reverse chronological order including the name, location, website and dates of your employment for each company you have worked for. Aim to use bullet points wherever possible to highlight your responsibilities and achievements in each role.
  • Education – Again, in reverse chronological order, give brief details of your academic and professional qualifications along with the grades you achieved.
  • Skills – For example, include every IT package or programme you have used as well as any foreign language skills you have gained. Skills such as communication and project management are harder to substantiate and should be backed up with examples.


  • Group Assignment, Individual Report, Business Research Report, Individual blog, Group presentation, Individual investigation report, Portfolio

Marking and grades:

Each component of assessed work is assigned a percentage mark with a pass/fail threshold at 50%. Overall average mark obtained for all modules and the dissertation, with classification thresholds for each grade of award as follows:

70% and above: Master’s degree with Distinction

60% – 69.99%: Master’s degree with Merit

50% – 59.99%: Master’s degree

0% – 49.99%: Fail