Facilities & Resources

Infrastructure and Facilities/Equipment

available and Maintenance System

Stanfort Academy has sufficient and quality facilities necessary to ensure the effective delivery of educational programmes.

Our infrastructure and facilities include:

  • Sufficient furniture and fittings
  • Sufficient size of classrooms with facilities
  • Availability of practical equipment
  • AV equipment for classrooms (audio and video facilities)
  • Library facilities
  • Amenities for student support services (Photocopy facilities, Vending Machine, Water Dispenser & Suggestion/Feedback box)
  • Private room for Student Counseling service
  • Study areas (for self-study)
  • Classrooms are conducive to training purposes (i.e. air-conditioned, adequate light sources and electrical controls, sound-proof and odourless, easy access to emergency exits, availability of sanitary facilities)
  • Spacious administrative areas, main office, welcoming and relaxing reception area for entertaining customers for enquiries and feedbacks
  • Private Workplace for office staff with office supplies and resource materials
  • Safety measures (unobstructed emergency exits, visible emergency exit signs, spacious corridor, fire extinguishers, water hose and sprinklers)
  • Notice Boards (for effective communication to students)
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Equipment Inspection and Maintenance system
  • Sufficient size of Classrooms Practical Room / Study Area and Library.
Type of room Room Number Capacity Floor Area
Classroom 1 (Level 11) 22 32.90 sqm
2 (Level 11) 24 35.58 sqm
4 (Level 11) 36 54.01 sqm
5 (Level 11) 41 61.66 sqm
6 (Level 11) 19 29.15 sqm
7 (Level 9) 35 53.98 sqm
8 (Level 9) 48 72.93 sqm
9 (Level 10) 39 58.94 sqm
10 (Level 10) 38 57.70 sqm
11 (Level 10) 31 46.85 sqm
12 (Level 4) 48 72 sqm
13 (Level 4) 48 72 sqm
14 (Level 4) 48 72 sqm
Practical Hotel Room NA (Level 9) 16 23.80 sqm
Practical Restaurant NA (Level 9) 62 93.09 sqm

Rental of


Are you looking for a suitable and convenient place for your events or seminars? Stanfort Academy is located at Kay Siang Road, which is approximately a 15 minute walk from Red Hill MRT station and 1 Bus stop from Redhill MRT. Amenities such as a Cafeteria and Basketball Court. However, the school is located near Orchard Road and Tanglin Mall as well and students will have access to much more in these areas. The College’s facilities are available for rent at affordable rates on weekdays or weekends to suit your needs. If you are interested to rent our facilities, please do not hesitate to contact our facilities manager, BERNICE at 6565-9786 or email to info@stanfort.edu.sg