BA (Hons) Business Management (Top-Up)



12 months (Full-time/ Part- time)

Award by:

London Metropolitan University, UK

BA (Hons) Business Management (Top-Up)

(Awarded by London Metropolitan University, UK)

This programme provides a broad, analytical and highly integrated programme for those who wish to study business management. Effective business management requires both theory and practice, and this course provides students with an opportunity to develop both their understanding of theory as well as its application in a wide variety of situations, as well as developing their practical skills. There is an emphasis on knowledge and understanding of business organisations, the business environment in which they operate and their management and the management of the people in them. The programme provides students with the skills and attributes that will enable them to compete and succeed in a wide range of fields that require management.

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Programme aims:

  1. Achieve Your Potential (15 credits)
    This module is designed to provide students with an opportunity to prepare for entering the workplace as a graduate, as well as preparing them for success in their future career. It will help students to develop a clearer understanding of them, identify and develop their strengths and abilities as well as support their CV, application writing and interview skills.
  2. The Practice of Management (30 credits)
    This module is divided into three themes which are academic development, professional development and personal development. Student will study will study and apply a range of theories from Critical Theory (CT) and Critical Management Studies (CMS) to a current UK-based PLC, enabling students to gain a wider and more profound understanding of the socio-cultural issues in corporate business. The students will also study current corporate governance theory and policy, plus study the management and performance of selected PLCs in light of their approach to corporate governance. They undertake a range of psycho-metric tests, management exercises, plus study selected texts on personal development, and based on these produce a Personal Development Plan (PDP) which will guide them in their future post-degree career and studies.
  3. Managing Corporate Reputation (15 credits)
    This module explores the importance of corporate reputation (and corporate communications), what it is, how and why it is managed it, how it affects the organisation’s performance, and how it may be perceived by an often complex group of internal and external stakeholders, including the media. Maintaining a strong corporate image, identity, and reputation is a strategic priority for most CEOs. Organisations which enjoy a strong corporate reputation in the market see this as a competitive advantage and crucial to improving financial returns, shareholder value and improved competitiveness. External forces, often globally driven, can quickly change the way stakeholders view the organisation, often as a result of sudden, often unforeseen and relatively unmanageable forces, leading to destabilisation, leadership change, criticism in the media, damage to the corporation’s reputation, and a fall in market value. Understanding and managing corporate reputation is complex, as it is not just the responsibility of the corporate communications team, or the CEO – it is the responsibility of all employees.
  4. Strategy: Choices and Change (30 credits)
    Strategy is a crucial subject, concerned with the development, success and failure of all kinds of organisations, from multinationals to entrepreneurial start-ups, from charities to government agencies, and many others. It equips aspiring managers and leaders with the knowledge, skills and techniques required to critically analyse contemporary organisations within changing environments nationally and globally; to formulate, evaluate and defend realistic and creative proposals for future strategic direction; and to plan for the effective implementation of the strategy selected.
  5. Management Dissertation (30 credits)
    This module will be taught in the final year of a three-year degree, students will be required to build on previously gained knowledge and research skills. It requires students to pick up research threads introduced and developed in previous analytical modules, identify a topic of their interest and deepen their knowledge further through research, data collection, analysis and write up of a dissertation.

Teacher- Student Ratio is 1:50

Duration Full-time: 12 months / Part-time: 12 months
Mode of delivery Blended learning
Awarding Body London Metropolitan University, UK

Entry requirements

Minimum Age 19 years
Academic qualification Advanced Diploma in any field AND completed GCE A Level/ high school education
240 credits from a Higher National Diploma (HND), a foundation degree or equivalent international qualification in a relevant subject
240 credits from year 1 and 2 of an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject at a different institution.
Language proficiency requirement Any of the following:

    1. GCE O level: minimum C6
    2. IELTS score 6.0 with no element below 5.5
    3. Pearson Test of English Academy with a minimum score for each element of 45 and 50 overall.
    4. Cambridge Certification in Advanced English  (CAE) with Grade C or above.
    5. Completed Stanfort Academy Certificate in English for Foreign Students (Intermediate Level).
    6. Obtained at least 60% for Stanfort Academy English Proficiency Test.


Dissertation, Group Video to be posted in YouTube, Individual Report, Individual Presentation, Group Presentation, Individual personal development plan report, Reflection and simulation job application

Marking and grades:

Overall average mark obtained for all modules and the dissertation, with classification thresholds for each grade of award as follows:

70% – 100% – A

60% – 69% – B

50% – 59% – C

40% – 49% – D

0% – 39% – Fail