Student Support Services

We assure that our services and course delivery system is suitable, adequate and effective through continual improvement. We will conform to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements without exception. We will take immediate action to control any nonconformance that may arise during delivery of courses.

Key Performance Indicators as follow:

  • Effectiveness of training program – 85%
  • Effectiveness of trainer – 85%
  • Effectiveness of facilities – 85%
  • Student support / services – 85%
  • Student Retention Rate – 90%

Stanfort Academy has more than 40 lecturers (Part-time and Full-time) who are well-qualified and experienced instructors/ lecturers and experienced in modern teaching methods and committed to success of the students. The school has registered all teachers with Committee for Private Education (CPE).
Teacher student ratio can be checked under the respective course.

The management, administrative and customer service managers provide the students help in dealing with personal, administrative, or academic problems or with special issues. They assist International students with

  • Application and renewal of Student Pass
  • Airport Pickup and Visa application (upon request)
  • Assistance in arranging for accommodation in Singapore
  • Free Pastoral Counseling
  • Academic advising on their further education in Singapore or overseas
  • Assist students in adapting to the new environment
  • Advice on career opportunities
  • Internship arrangements and preparations for interview (for courses with OJT)
  • Advice on internal grievance procedures
  • Arrangement for Medical check-up
  • Assistance in the claim of Medical Insurance
  • Orientation program
  • Arrangement for opening of bank account and banking services

Stanfort Academy has a full furnished Library for students to do self-study during lunch break or before and after the class. In the self-access library are updated reference books, books for self-assessment, journals and magazines, course books, books on test preparatory guides, sample tests and answers etc. Students are advised to read the Library policy prior to using the library.
Students can photocopy their own materials at a charge of 20¢ per copy. The student can use the wireless internet access.

E-Library for Undergraudate and MBA students

All the students of Stanfort Academy who are pursuing degree courses under London Metropolitan University (LMU) will be given a digital account to use LMU’s E-library which would grant them an access to wide variety of content in a virtual environment, including eBooks, magazines, articles, blogs, papers, videos, podcasts, and audiobooks based on availability of the contents.
The E-library account is valid till the course of duration and provides the following benefits to our students:

– Our students can access the library portal from anywhere with internet access.
– Students will be able to access more literature in a short period of time which would allow them to prepare their coursework in detail with higher standards.
– eBooks and digital documents have lower environmental impacts as they are paperless and does not require postal and packaging.
– Students will be better prepared for the upcoming business challenges as they are exposed to multiple sceneries and different perspectives from the authors because of having access to the wide variety of textbooks and articles.

Easy Accessibility of Stanfort Academy and nearby Amenities

Stanfort Academy is located on Kay Siang Road, which is approximately a 10-minute walk from Redhill MRT Station and a 20 minutes bus ride to Orchard MRT Station.
Bus stops are near Stanfort Academy premises. (Buses be taken: 32, 111,122, 132)
Stanfort Academy is within a short walking distance of CITIBANK, UOB, OCBC, POSB BANK and ATM.
We have contact of a medical clinic in vicinity for easy reference (if you are not feeling well and need medical attention).
Queenstown Regional Library is located near to Stanfort Academy.
Canteen is located at level 1 of the building

In the event where any information is changed regarding the changes of the course timetable, examination registration date, the school ensures that the students are promptly notified through available practical modes (WhatsApp group chat, Canvas LMS, Memo or phone) and sufficient time is given to students to prepare for these changes. The students need to notify the School without delay of any changes of address and telephone number.

There will be no lessons on Public Holidays. However, we will arrange to carry the lessons to earlier or later date if necessary.
The school provides comprehensive pre-course and pastoral counseling services for all students.
Course outline and module synopsis are clearly stated on the brochures of the respective course and students are provided with the course brochures upon enquiry of the course to enable them to make informed choices before application.

The school course consultant gives pre-course counseling services which includes

  • Individual assessment of the prospective student’s needs and capabilities and providing tailored solutions to ensure effective learning experience;
  • Providing marketing collaterals and schedules so that the student can make informed choices;
  • Providing appropriate guidance and advice on the suitability of the courses available;
  • Providing career guidance relating to the courses available;
  • Academic care for weak students and providing extra English classes for students to improve their better academic results in the exams that they are sitting for
    Course consultants and administrative staff of the respective department are provided with trainings to ensure that they provide the respective students with good guidance.
    The Counselors can give advice to students with stress and serious emotional concerns or problems ranging from academic difficulties to personal or social issues and with difficulties such as adjustment problem, relationship problems etc. The student can approach the Administrative Staff of the respective department for appointment with the Counselors.
    The Pastoral Counseling program of Stanfort Academy includes
  • Providing emotional support for students to help them cope with mental stress relating to a new environment or course demands;
  • Implementing programs to create a culture and climate of care, trust and friendliness that encourage student attendance and involvement
    In case of needs, students are encouraged to get the professional help from the following Voluntary Free Counseling Services in Singapore:
  • SOS (Samaritans of Singapore) -1800 221 4444
  • The Counseling Place -6887 3695
  • CareCorner Singapore -1800 3535800
  • Family Life Society -6488 0278
  • ComCare Hotline -1800 2220000 (24 Hours daily service)

An orientation program is conducted for all students which includes academic matters, examination matters, administration matters, rules and regulations of the school.  The school helps the students for campus tours, advice on practical issues such as banking, shopping, transport, cultural adjustment, meeting and introducing with responsible staff, and study skills advice on academic matters.

The school assures the quality customer service and the quality training. Any student who has grievance or complaint can lodge the matter to our administration office for proper attention. An immediate acknowledgement will be processed.
Students are advised to immediately contact the management and respective administrator who will listen, assist in making decisions, and help to facilitate a prudent and responsible course of action within 21 days. The management and administrative staff are available in such cases.

Stanfort Academy hereby confirms and undertakes to the student that it has in place a Fee Protection Scheme with Lonpac Insurance Bhd by way of an insurance facility. The Private Education Act has been put in place the mandatory requirement of Fee Protection Scheme (FPS). This requirement is regulated by the Committee of Private Education, by way of insurance coverage for all full-time and part-time students. The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) applies to ALL students (regardless of nationality and the type of passes or identification held, i.e. dependent’s pass, student’s pass, work permit etc). Under this regulation, it is mandatory for all students to apply for FPS and sign CPE PEI-Student Contract when they enroll for courses with Stanfort Academy.
Upon application of EduTrust, Stanfort Academy undertakes that:
(i) The cover under the Master Insurance Agreement shall be extended to the Student;
(ii) Stanfort Academy will purchase the insurance within 7 working days once the Student pays the fees; and
(iii) The insured period will commence from the fee payment date to the end date of the course.

Requests for official letters and documents such as verification of student status, provisional transcripts and report cards from the school must be submitted at least 3 days in advance. A fee of $50 will be charged for such document.

Stanfort Academy has put up a system that will maintain the quality of the course to ensure that learning experience gained from Stanfort Academy is always good and that the standards are always maintained. The total hours of teaching instruction shall adhere to the timetable provided to students on enrollment. Stanfort Academy will provide, to the best of the ability, the environment conducive to learning with the necessary support staff to enable the student’s full attention to their studies.

In order to better serve the community, the management and the team look for opportunities to improve the programs and service quality of Stanfort Academy. They have put in place an open communication system to collect the feedback from the students. The management and the administrator of each course are always available to discuss issues relating to the inconveniences, the service and the course. The students can make their views known to the management. All the feedback from the student is taken as positive step towards improving the quality of the service and maintaining and enhancing the quality of course delivery. The school values the students’ feedback and will make every effort to look into their suggestions and complaints. Their input will be carefully considered and changes will be implemented to enhance the school’s service level to meet the customers’ expectations.

The school is committed to giving the students the opportunity to let the school know how things work and where they need improvement. The school runs a regular Student Evaluation which they are asked to complete; their responses inform future planning needs.

  • Sufficient furniture and fittings
  • AV equipment for classrooms
  • Library facilities
  • Amenities for student support services (Photocopy facilities, Lost-and-Found services , Water Dispenser & Suggestion/Feedback box)
  • Availability of practical equipment for Tourism and Hospitality students
  • Private room for Student Counseling service
  • Study areas
  • Classrooms are conducive to training purposes (i.e. air-conditioned, adequate light sources and electrical controls, sound-proof and odorless, easy access to emergency exits, availability of sanitary facilities)
  • Spacious administrative areas, main office, welcoming and relaxing reception area for entertaining customers for enquiries and feedbacks
  • Private Workplace for office staff with office supplies and resource materials
  • Safety measures (unobstructed emergency exits, visible emergency exit signs, spacious corridor, fire extinguishers, water hose and sprinklers)
  • 24 hour CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Equipment Inspection and Maintenance system
  • Stanfort Academy has sufficient and quality facilities necessary to ensure the effective delivery of student management and educational programs. Practical lab, classrooms and the office have excellent student support service facilities and learning facilities, which are regularly maintained by our dedicated admin staff.

Scholarship scheme are available for outstanding students.

Diploma and Foundation Courses

Outstanding students from Diploma and Foundation courses are entitled to get reward as per reward scheme for Advanced Diploma courses.

All Higher Distinction: 30% Discount on Course Fee

3 Higher Distinction: 20% Discount on Course Fee

2 Higher Distinction: 10% Discount on Course Fee

Advanced Diploma Courses

If students attain 3 HDs and above in Advanced Diploma courses, then a 10% Discount of Bachelor course fee will be awarded.