Responsibility of Students

Stanfort Academy expects students to be respectful to the teachers. If there is any grievance, our course consultants are available to listen to you. Food and drink are not allowed in class. Hand phone has to be switched off. You are to be attentive to your teacher.

You must not make any noise outside the classroom. No running around the College premises and playing with the lift. If you encounter any problem outside the classroom, please contact our course consultant for assistance.

Students are not allowed to enter the staff room without permission.

The school has provided facilities and services to enable you to study effectively and to achieve good results. Hence, students are warned not to commit any form of vandalism while in the premises of the school.

The student is to abide by all safety procedures and proper handling of all equipment and other school properties. The student responsible for the damage will pay for any wilful damage to equipment/properties.

Smoking is strictly prohibited around the school premises.

Student is subject to immediate expulsion for serious misconduct and/or any breach of the school’s rules and regulations. No fees are refundable on expulsion.
The school reserves the right to expel any student who has not made any payment or did not attend classes for 7 days continuously without any valid reason. Students has right to appeal for expulsion with documented evidence within 7 days.

All students must provide their latest contact details (e.g. telephone number, mobile phone number and residential address) to the School upon enrolment.
Please notify the school immediately of any change of address and telephone number. Otherwise the school is not responsible for delay or non-notification of changes of day/time of your course and examination date. Students are to use the Contact Update Form, obtainable from the administrative staff of the respective department for the updating of their records so that the school can inform them of any changes in the class schedule, examination registration date as well as any important up-coming events.

Access to the school’s computer systems and network facilities requires students to accept certain responsibilities and obligations. Students are expected to comply with all legal obligations concerning copyrights, and shall not install any software or data into the school’s computers or copy any software or data from the school computers. Students caught infringing the Copyrights Act by the authorities will be personally liable.

Students are not allowed to take home leave during an on-going semester. However, official home leave will only be granted on compassionate grounds. Students must obtain approval from the school managment before going on home leave. Students must apply for official home leave before the issue of air tickets. Students who failed to inform and obtain the approval from the school managment will be construed as absence without official leave. They will be treated as voluntary dropouts if they are absent for 7 consecutive days and will be liable for dismissal. They are required to write an appeal letter to show cause or reason for a grant of acquittal from dismissal. The final decision rests with the Disciplinary Board.

When a student is absent from class due to medical reasons, he/she is required to submit the original copy of the Medical Certificate and complete the Leave Application Form, at the Front Office. Only medical certificates issued by registered clinics, polyclinics or hospitals will be accepted.

Medical leave for examination: Medical leave from hospital will be accepted

Students must

  • Obey any request or instructions by teachers and staff;
  • Not mark or damage the school’s property, including books from the library, in any way. Students will be asked to pay for any damage to the property;
  • Always wear appropriate and modest clothing;
  • Not fight or in any way be aggressive to each other;
  • Not swear in any language or use abusive language;
  • Keep their classroom clean and tidy; Not eat or drink in classrooms at any time.
  • Place rubbish in the bins provided;
  • Not run or play chasing games on the premises as well as around the premises, on the stairs or in the lifts;
  • Not bring chewing gum to the College;
  • Not smoke in or off the premises of the College;
  • Not bring valuables or large sums of money to the College; Walk-mans/ laptops/computer games and notepads are not allowed at the College; Mobile phones must be switched off during the lessons.

Stanfort Academy supports the principle of freedom of expression for both lecturers and students. The school respects the rights of lecturers to teach and students to learn. Maintenance of these rights requires classroom conditions that do not impede their exercise. Classroom behaviour that seriously interferes with either (1) the lecturer’s ability to conduct the class or (2) the ability of other students to profit from the lessons will not be tolerated. An individual engaging in disruptive classroom behaviour may be subject to disciplinary action.
When a student’s behaviour in a class is so seriously disruptive, the lecturer has the authority to remove the student from the class on an interim basis. The student who has been asked to leave the classroom will not be allowed to sign the attendance for that lesson and the school will treat it as ‘absent’ for that lesson. Lecturer will discuss with the administrative staff of the respective department and the school will initiate additional discussion with the students regarding the improper classroom behaviour.
If the student’s behaviour continues to be unacceptable, the lecturer will inform the respective department and the school will keep a written summary of the discussion with the lecturer and student. The school will keep a record and declare as ‘unsatisfactory performance/ conduct’ when requested by the relevant authorities such as ICA.

Possible Consequences for disobeying the rules:

  • Warning
  • School may report to parents
  • Serious warning will be sent to parents
  • Referral to Discipline Master or Senior Management
  • Suspension or termination from the course and no refunds of fees paid
  • Cancellation of the Student Pass at ICA (if students are the international students) and no refunds of the fees paid

Stanfort Academy expects all students to dress decently and groomed when in School’s premises. Students who are required to wear uniforms must do so for every school day. Bermuda and Slippers are not allowed.