Preparatory Course Secondary 1 – 4



2 Hours per Lesson /4 Lessons per Month

Award by:

JE Educational College


To provide students an opportunity to receive extra coaching on their schoolwork, by giving value-for-money tuition programmes, enable students to do well academically, and instill motivation, confidence, enthusiasm and determination into their learning (the enrichment programmes and lessons and exercises conform to the syllabus prescribed by MOE to ensure that our students will be drilled on the schoolwork and the subjects they are weak at.


Subjects offered:

  • English
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • History
  • Chinese/ Malay
  • Combined Humanities
  • E Maths/ A Maths
  • Pure Physics
  • Pure Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Principles of Accounts


Course Outcomes
Duration 1.5 Hours per Lesson , 4 Lessons per month
Mode of delivery classroom-based teaching
Awarding Body JE Educational College

Entry requirements

Minimum Age
Academic qualification
Proficiency Level

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