Preparatory Course For General- Certificate Of Education (GCE) O level



10 Months

Award by:

Ministry of Education, Singapore and University of Cambridge International Examinations


To provide students with necessary lessons and knowledge so that at the end of the programme they can understand the topics well and answer exam questions with confidence

GCE O-Level is the abbreviation of General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level. The Ministry of Education, Singapore and the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) are the joint examining authorities for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level examination. Students who pass the examination will be awarded with the GCE O-Level certificate which is recognized by The British Commonwealth of Nations.

The examination is taken by students at the end of their fourth (for Express Stream) or fifth (for Normal Academic Stream) year in Secondary school, mostly at the age of 16.

Overseas students may also register for this exam, and may use continuously two year best score combination to register. Those who obtain their results may be eligible to enrol for courses in any of the 5 Singapore polytechnics or advance to any of the junior colleges / high schools for taking GCE A level curriculum. Students may also apply for the preparatory courses offered by universities in the British Commonwealth of Nations or United States.



Awards and Grades

Candidates are graded based on his/her performance relative to the cohort. A grade in one GCE exam subject is a number with an accompanying letter. In descending order, the grades are: A1, A2, B3, B4, C5, C6, D7, E8, and F9. A grade of C6 or better is considered a pass at O Level. Those who obtain a pass in one or more subjects are awarded a Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level).

Oral and Listening Comprehension

Mother Tongue paper, Chinese subject is different from the other papers in that it includes a Mid-year Examination for written papers, taken on the first Monday of the June School Holiday. The Oral and Listening Comprehension papers are usually taken in July, and the result for Mother Tongue is subsequently released in August.
The candidate, however, can opt to re-take the paper in October/ November along with the other papers that the candidate has registered for, though an additional fee is payable. The November re-assessment only covers the written examinations; no re-assessment is available for the Oral and Listening Comprehension component of the examination.
The best result of the two assessments is reflected in the result slip which will be released in January the following year. In addition to the grade, it will show the candidate’s performance in the Oral/ Aural Examination as Distinction (highest0, Merit or Pass or Ungraded.

School-based Science Practical Assessment

Pure science subjects (Physics and Chemistry) include the School-based Science Practical Assessment (SPA) for school candidates. It assesses candidates’ competence in science practical skills over an appropriate period of time that the candidates are offering the subject, and forms 20% of the overall mark for the subject. While the questions are set by the Ministry of Education, the assessment is scheduled, carried out and marked by the school before submitting the scripts to the MOE. The scores for the assessment are kept confidential and are never disclosed to the candidates. The assessment is grouped into three skill sets:
Skill set 1 – Performing and Observing
Skill set 2 – Analysing
Skill set 3 – Planning

To register for a Science Subject with a practical paper at O Level, the student/ candidate must meet the following requirement:
-Have sat the subject at O Level previously; or
-Be currently attending or will be attending a course of instruction in the subject offered at an ITE or a private school.
Candidates registering for a Science subject with a practical paper are required to declare online at the time of registration that they fulfil the above requirement. If a false declaration is made, their registration for the science subject with practical paper is liable to be cancelled without refund of the examination fees.
Candidates with SPA paper can register with SPA paper.

Stanfort Academy provides the following subjects as GCE O-Level examination subjects and students are advised to study the course outline:

  •  English
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Science
  • Chinese
  • Principles of Accounts
  • Combined Humanities
  •  Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Economics

O-Level Course is conducted in full time mode at Stanfort Academy. The course duration is 10 months. Commencement date of the course is normally the beginning of January every year and it ends in November of the year when student sits for the actual examination. Student passed O-Level Examinations will be awarded with a certificate issued by Ministry of Education.

Course Syllabus

Stanfort Academy uses the core texts, Past Year Exam papers and preparatory materials and guidance on the information on the website of Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB). For more course details and syllabus information, please refer to the official website of (SEAB).
Throughout the course, the students are given tutorials, monthly tests, mid-term tests and preliminary tests to let students know their academic progress and weak areas to be focused on.



Duration 10 months
Mode of delivery classroom-based teaching and Lab for Science Project
Awarding Body Ministry of Education, Singapore and University of Cambridge International Examinations

Entry requirements

Minimum Age 15 years
Academic qualification A Pass in Sec3 level in home country
Proficiency Level At least a pass in Sec3 Level English with an mark of 40






  • Grade A1 – 75 Marks and Above
  • Grade A2 – 70 to 74
  • Grade B3 – 65 to 69
  • Grade B4 – 60 to 64
  • Grade C5 – 55 to 59
  • Grade C6 – 50 to 54
  • Grade D7 – 45 to 49
  • Grade E8 – 40 to 44
  • Grade F9 – less than 40


  • Upon taking Examination


  • Internal Exam: 1 moth after the Exam
  • External Exam: January in the following year


  • 3 Months to 3.5 Months after results release date (subject to SEAB/ MOE)



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