Preparatory Course For Admission To Government Schools (SECONDARY 1 AND 2)



6 months

Award by:

Stanfort Academy

Lower Secondary  : Course Outline

Stanfort Academy has designed this programme to provide students an opportunity to receive extra coaching on their schoolwork, by giving value-for-money tuition programmes, enable students to do well academically, and instill motivation, confidence, enthusiasm and determination into their learning (the enrichment programmes and lessons and exercises conform to the syllabus prescribed by MOE to ensure that our students will be drilled on the schoolwork and the subjects they are weak at.

Teaching materials and exercises are based on the syllabuses set by the Ministry of Education and the admission examinations’ requirements and format. Preparation Tests are given as part of the continual monitoring of the student’s progress and thereafter, assessment reports are communicated periodically with the Parent/Guardian to keep them updated of the student’s progress.

Course Outline:

English: Course content conforms strictly to the MOE syllabus. The whole course is very intensive and is conducted in English so as to help students to improve their English proficiency within a short period of time.
Teaching methods are based on the syllabuses and curriculum used by the government schools in Singapore and the textbooks used are selected from MOE-approved publishers.
– The syllabus covers the various aspects and components of knowledge and communication in the syllabus of MOE,
– Sample tests are given to help students prepare for important English Examinations.

Skills:Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening


Focus Areas

  • Sample composition, guided composition and topics for free writing
  • Language use (sentence transformation and cloze passages)
  • Comprehension ( test items to check their understanding and comprehension cloze)
  • Oral component (picture conversation and conversation prompts)

Mathematics: Mathematics lessons and exercises meet the requirements of the syllabuses prescribed by MOE. They help students to excel in the mathematics examinations but also to proceed to study at government schools.

Focus Areas:

  • Numbers, Factors and multipliers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Significant figures and estimations
  • Money and measures
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and percentages
  • Basic geometry
  • Polygons
  • Measuring plane figures
  • Measuring solid figures
  • Statistical presentation

General Science: The syllabus is based on the Science Curriculum Framework and emphasises the need for a balance between the acquisition of science knowledge, skills and attitudes. It is also a bridge to, and a foundation for, the pursuit of scientific studies at upper secondary levels. The learning outcomes in the Skills and Processes domain have the key words describing the skills underlined. Sample tests are given to help students prepare for important Science Examinations.

Skills : Understanding and application of Knowledge, Skills and processes

Focus Areas

  • The Scientific Endeavour
  • Exploring Diversity of Matter by their Physical Properties
  • Exploring Diversity of Matter by its Chemical Composition
  • Exploring Diversity of Matter Using Separation Techniques
  • Understanding Diversity of Living Things
  • Model of Cells – the Basic Units of Life
  • Model of Matter – The Particulate Nature of Matter
  • Model of Matter – Atoms and Molecules
  • Ray Model of Light
  • Transport System in Living Things
  • Human Digestive System
  • Human Sexual Reproductive System
  • Electrical Systems
  • Interactions through the application of forces
  • Energy and Work Done
  • Transfer of Sound Energy through Vibrations
  • Effects of Heat & its Transmission
  • Chemical Changes
  • Interactions within Ecosystems

Note: Students are required to take English and Mathematics subjects for admission to government school and will get school completion certificate upon passing of school Examination; English, Mathematics and General Science.



Minimum Age 12 years (Sec 1) 13 years (Sec 2)
Course Outcomes at least a pass in P6 Level English with 40 marks Certificate upon passing of school Examination
Duration Full-time : 6 Months Full-time : 6 Months
Mode of delivery classroom-based teaching classroom-based teaching
Awarding Body Stanfort Academy Stanfort Academy

Entry requirements

Minimum Age 12 years (Sec 1) 13 years (Sec 2)
Academic qualification pass in P6 Level in home country or pass in Stanfort Academy P5 Level English and Mathematics Placement Test with 40 marks pass in S1 Level in home country or pass in Stanfort Academy S1Level English and Mathematics Placement Test with 40 marks
Proficiency Level pass in P6 Level in home country or pass in Stanfort Academy P5 Level English and Mathematics Placement Test with 40 marks at least a pass in S1 Level English with 40 marks

Remark: FT= Full-Time, PT=Part-Time





External: NA


  • Distinction – 75 Marks and Above
  • Pass with credit – 65 Marks and Above
  • Pass – 50 Marks and Above


External: NA


No outstanding payment due

  • Maintain 75% of Attendance of the course duration
  • Attain Minimum “Pass” in all modules in internal examination
  • Completed ‘Evaluation Form’ to provide feedback


External Exam:

  • December (AEIS exam result) subject to MOE
  • April (S-AEIS exam result) subject to MOE


  • 1 moth after the examination


External: NA


  • within 1 month after successful completion of all modules


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